In October it was time t let Riva and Bardi go.  The downside of having two young dogs together is that they will also be old dogs together. And so they also left together when life was getting too hard. Both had age related troubles and a cold and dark winter ahead.

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BH test

June 13th Reko and I participated in a BH test. It’s a required behaviour test before you can enter tracking and other utility trials and consists of an obedience part and urban behaviour test. It’s described here, from page 22 onwards, for those who are not familiar with it. We did quite nicely in the […]

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Tugging play

A few video clips of playing tug with Reko. He doesn’t have a lot prey drive, so thrown toys are not so intresting, but he loves tugging with me. Julkaisu käyttäjältä Mari Morko. Julkaisu käyttäjältä Mari Morko. Julkaisu käyttäjältä Mari Morko.

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