Karma died yesterday morning at home. She asked to be let outside around six and when I followed a bit later with the other dogs, I found her lying by the porch where she often kept an eye on the yard. I had already made the decision the night before that we would go to […]

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Ten years young

Today is Karma’s tenth birthday. Can’t believe its also almost eight years since she came to live with me. She still keeps the boys in check and harrasses the cat every chance she gets. Happy birthday Karma!

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At the vets

I took Karma to the vets today to show her mammmary tumors. Some time ago I found a couple of small ones and one of them has grown quite fast.I don’t want to put her through a big surgery so the treatment is conservative, she got antibiotics for the secondary inflammation and pain medication. If […]

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Veteran of the year

Quite by accident I noticed that Karma placed 95th in the Veteran of the Year competition arranged by the Finnish Kennel Club. Pretty good considering she only attended one show, the aussie specialty in August. The Best of Breed Veterans win earned her 25 points.

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