Results from abroad

Riva’s dad Hayden finished his WTCH title and is now known as HOF SVCH, WTCH, ATCH, CH Roanoaks n Cahoots Reinflame, OFTDs, DNA-VP. Now both Riva’s parents are also SVCH, not a lot of those. Congratulations Monica! Riva’s daughter Pippi (Sugarwind’s Yedida) from Sweden made her debut in herding trials and finished with OTDs and STDd! […]

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Riva’s offspring

I finally put back up the page fpr Riva’s offspring, updated with the information of his last litters. The litter title is a link to hte breeder’s webpage and for the Finnish litters the individual dog links take to the Finnish Kennel Club database. I’ll later update some more information on the page too. These […]

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Farewell Zima

The morning brought sad news, Riva’s grandmother Zima, Shercrest Zomething Different, has passed away. She was a super dog and one of the reasons why I got Riva. Rest easy Zima!

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Jyväskylä dog show

I didn’t have my own dogs entered in the Jyväskylä show but I promised to handle Bardi’s sister Juti. She got Excellent in Open class but didn’t place. She was also presented in the Sandcastle’s breeder’s group and that was BOB group and eventually BIS2 group 🙂 Reminds me of the “old days” when Jambi […]

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